Annual Walk-in Map Sale Annual Map Sale is this Friday, October 21, 2011 from 11AM-2PM and Saturday, October 22, 2011 from 8AM-11AM at 120, Cremona Drive, Suite H Goleta.


– Up to 70% off in-stock items
– 15% off other orders, Friday and Saturday only.

Products include: Wall Maps, Mounted and Framed maps for you home or office, globes, folded maps, desk maps.

Also available online with discount: Globes, Personalized Maps and Puzzles, plus discount coupons for online purchases. Annual Map Sale

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Maps of the World Make Great Gifts

Gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary show a recipient that the giver has put thought and consideration into the gift, taking the time to search for something unique. Maps of the world fall into that category. Beautiful, decorative and informative, maps of the world are gifts that will be treasured.

For the traveler, of course, a map of the world is the perfect gift. Those who love to travel will appreciate having a map to remind them of all of the places they have visited, and will use the map to plan their next adventure. Combine a gift of a map of the world with high-tech compass or other travel-related item for a truly memorable gift. For an over-the-top gift, combine a map of the world with tickets to a new destination. Or if you are looking for something more affordable, include map accessories such a map pins, so your recipient can mark places they have traveled or plan their next trip by marking destinations on their map.

Maps of the world make a thoughtful house-warming present. Frame the map in a style that coordinates with the recipient’s home and a map of the world can complement any décor. Maps of the world are naturally decorative. A friend, loved one or family member will think of the giver with every glance at the handsome map.

World Physical Wall Map

World Physical Wall Map By Maps International

For a student, a map of the world will prove to be a valuable resource, not just in studying geography, but in many other studies – geology, world culture, history, politics – having a resource such as a map of the world at hand can give a student an extra advantage. The portability of a map will ensure that the student can take the gift wherever studies demand, providing a handy resource through college and beyond.

When purchasing a map of the world to present as a gift, look for accuracy and quality construction. Choose a size that is large enough to show details clearly. A careful choice will ensure that the recipient will enjoy the gift for years to come.