Awesome Map: Horror Film Map blog

Image credit: The Credits

Last week we featured a map of the location of television shows in the United States. This week’s awesome map is relatively similar, but it’s a little more tailored toward Halloween. With less than a week till this hair-raising holiday, it’s time to turn on your favorite horror movie and start stockpiling candy for the hordes of trick-or-treaters who are about to invade your neighborhood.

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This chilling map was featured by Fangoria and was created by The Credits. It marks the locations of the real haunted houses that inspired our favorite horror movies. It features a variety of new and classic films, ranging from The Shining (1980) to The Conjuring (2013). Take a look at this map and you’ll find the haunted houses that are closest to your location.  We don’t suggest visiting them on Halloween, unless you consider yourself absolutely fearless.

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By Grace Conner