Never Get Lost – DIY Map Case for the iPhone

Stocking Stuffer DIY: A Map Alternative for the Chilly Tech Lover

VIDEO: How to Make an iPhone Case Out of an Old Map

We are certainly not making any negative allusions to Apple Map’s recent iOS6 blunders, but in the new age of mapping technology, we recognize that not everything that can be plugged-in can (or should) be fully trusted with our lives. Sometimes, the handiness of analog just makes better sense, especially when it is easier to access than the alternative.

Dose of truth: mapping where you need to go over the holiday season is going to be difficult. Why?  Though some have been clever enough to solve the ever frustrating glove/iPhone experience, the rest of us will still be fumbling about hopelessly with our noses, chins and other numbed extremities. Shouldn’t life be easier? We think so. That in mind, we’ve taken a moment to put together two DIY iPhone cases that can be easily stuffed in your favorite Apple fanboy/girl’s stocking this year.

The Repurposed iPhone & iPad Case

We are all about repurposing old maps. There really isn’t anything like them. They evoke nostalgia and romance, which is incredibly fun when coupled with modern gadgetry. The juxtaposition is both quirky and clever: innovation at it’s finest!

Grab an old map (or printed!) and lets get started.

VIDEO: How to Make an iPhone Cover Out of an Old Map

What you’ll need:

  • Map
  • Clear iPhone Case
  • Scissors
  • X-acto Knife
  • Pencil

Step 1

Cut the map to the size of your case, taking care to leave a bit around the edges so it doesn’t come up short. Take a look at some of our favorite cases for the occasion.

Cut it out. (Don’t forget to cut out the camera hole!)

Step 2

Pop your newly cut map into the clear case and voila! Easy as 1 and 2.

Short on ideas? Here are some we can’t get enough of.


1. City Map

2. Bike Map

3. Road Map

4.  Subway Map

5. Topo Map

6. Vintage Map


What do you think? What other maps could you use for a quick iPhone case redesign?