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Discovering California Surf Spots with My California Maps


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“California is an amazing state. There is a reason that it’s ranked third in our nation for total area with an impressive 163,696 square miles, while being ranked first for total population at a staggering 2012 estimate of 38,041,430. There are many potential factors for this but one without question is the amazing assortment of climates that can be found in California. All you have to do is look at any assortment of California maps to see that there are sunny beaches, mountains, national forests, deserts and let’s not forget that the Pacific Ocean is right there beckoning water enthusiasts of all kinds. A couple of California maps I can’t live without are a California travel map and my assortment of California surf maps.

California Mapsfor Getting Around

The California travel map is an essential item in my gear list before I go exploring California. It includes helpful statistics, a climate chart, conversion charts, interesting sites to visit, hotels, museums and public transportation. As far as California maps are concerned this one covers all of the essentials. The climate chart with temperatures is pretty cool and includes sunshine hours, precipitation, humidity and a temperature conversion chart. I always find it useful to know what kind of environment I’m going to be in so that I can plan accordingly. Can’t forget to mention that these California maps are also environmentally friendly and they’re laminated so if you spill coffee on it in the morning, no worries.

California Maps for Surfing

One of my favorite pastimes is surfing. While I’m no Laird Hamilton I can’t help but find something soothing and invigorating all at the same time about surfing. There’s no better place to surf than California – ok, well, that is debatable, but no one can deny it’s definitely up there. I have four California maps for surfing that I hang on to and use to plan my weekend trips.

California Map for Surfing SB & Ventura

The first is my Santa Barbara & Ventura surf map. This is my favorite simply because I live in Santa Barbara County and I use it all the time. It includes surfing spots beyond Jalama, just beyond Point Conception, and the entire Gold Coast of Goleta and Santa Barbara. That’s not all; it also has famous spots located in Ventura County such as Rincon, areas around Port Hueneme and includes locations all the way to the L.A. County line. If you don’t know the areas I mentioned I highly recommend getting this California map and checking them out!

California Map for Surfing L.A. County

The second in my surfing California maps collection is surfing Los Angles County. This map includes everything from the Ventura County Line, around Point Dume, past Malibu’s miracle waves, all around Santa Monica Bay to RAT Beach and the surrounding areas of the Palos Verdes Peninsula to the Cabrillo Breakwater. The map includes detailed directions to all of the above-mentioned locations so that you can get to your chosen spot as quickly as possibly. It also includes an L.A. County seasonal overview which covers changing conditions so that you can pick the best locations year-round. This California map covers some of my favorite places such as Point Zero, Malibu, Sunset, Venice Beach, Sewer Pipe, Chevron Reef and much more!

California Map for Surfing the O.C.

Third on the list of California maps for surfing is the Orange County surf map. This surf map has two sides to it. Both sides are full of awesome details! Side one covers basic driving directions to all the great spots Orange County has to offer. It includes surfing for all of the O.C., spanning from Seal Beach to San Clemente. The first page also includes surf spots for San Onofre even though it’s technically located in San Diego County. The map not only gives directions and locations but it also provides detailed descriptions of the locations which include useful information such as cardinal directions, swell sizes and much more. Lastly the first side features a seasonal overview of Orange County giving valuable insight into the best times of the year to surf.

The second side of the map is equally informative displaying details specifically on Huntington Beach and Newport Beach’s top surf spots. Similar to the front side of the map it contains not only directions and locations but also detailed descriptions of the different locations. The second side also includes seasonal water temperatures for San Clemente, Dana Point and Newport Beach. There is an average 10-degree change in water temperature between August and January so it’s good information to know. This is an essential California mapfor anyone who wishes to surf some of California’s best waves but doesn’t know the area very well.

California Map for Surfing San Diego County

Last but certainly not least is my California map for surfing San Diego County. While this is my least-used map due to the fact that it’s located the farthest away, it still holds a special place for me because San Diego County is where I first learned to surf. Similar to the surf map of Orange County this map has two sides which both display directions, locations and descriptions. Side one includes all of the surf spots from Del Mar all the way down to the Mexican Border. It also displays a large inset with great details on everything from Black’s Beach to Pacific Beach. The descriptions include valuable information best times of the year, best swell direction, the nature of the break, tide height, wind direction and much more.

The second side of the map includes everything you need to know about San Diego’s north County surfing. It goes into detail on surf breaks of specific areas such as Trestles and Torrey Pines. The San Diego surf map also includes a seasonal overview of San Diego County.

Surfing is an amazing activity that anyone can enjoy. Personally, I can’t think of a better place to do it than California. It’s a large state filled with amazing people and great activities. Sometimes it’s hard to find all of its hidden gems, which is why I use California maps to navigate my way around. So if you haven’t been to California or if you live in California and haven’t experienced all of the awesomeness that exists here, grab a map and start experiencing what all the fuss is about!”

Awesome Map: Popular Female Names Maps blog blog blog

Even if you weren’t around to experience it, we can all agree that there have been a multitude of drastic changes since the 1960s.  Technology isn’t the only thing that’s progressing at a rapid rate; popular female names have also changed drastically. If you were born in 1960, there is an overwhelming chance that you had a few friends named Jennifer. The hot name of 2012 was Sophia. We may not know the cause of these changing name trends, but we can make assumptions. The two year craze over the name Isabella, the main character of Twilight, was parallel to the rise in popularity that series of movies and books. Was it a coincidence? I guess we’ll never know, but it does make you wonder.

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Each map uncovers the female naming patterns of the United States from 1960 till 2012. Reuben Ficher-Baum featured these maps that show the most popular names for girls. Just like fashion trends, some of the names come back into style. These maps make the naming data easy to wrap your head around.  You might discover the name for your future baby girl, or if you prefer to go against the grain, you may discover the names that you should diligently avoid. blog blog blog

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Everyone in the family loves awesome maps! Do you know of any that you think we should feature? We would be delighted to hear from you. Send your submissions here.

By Grace Conner

Map Craft: United States Pallet Art blog

Transforming discarded items into artwork not only looks fantastic, but it also makes you feel good about reducing your environmental impact. It’s like making something beautiful and saving the world at the same time. This DIY craft combines a map of the United States, chevron print, and a old pallet. It’s trendy, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. The best part is,  it involves a map! It’s just Lanie has created this DIY pallet art tutorial with plenty of pictures .

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This will make a beautiful gift or artistic addition to any home. Make sure you take a brief hiatus from your superhero duties to hang your completed artwork. You can resume saving the world when you’ve finished beautifying your wall.

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By Grace Conner

Map Collection: Fascinating Maps

Forget about your memories of boring geography lessons in elementary school because you’ll become an avid map nerd after taking a look at these fascinating maps. Bored Panda has put together this collection of maps that bring interesting statistics to life. We’ve picked out our five favorites. Prepare to be amazed.

7 Deadly Sins Map

Image Credit:

They taught us to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins in church, but did you ever wonder who abides by the rules? This map ranks areas of the United States from saintly to devilish based on statistics of acts that embody those famous no-nos. Are your neighbors greedy, or envious? Take a look and you’ll see.

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Map of the Most and Least Welcoming Foreigners

Image Credit:

Tourists often get a bad reputation for wearing Hawaiian shirts, sandals with socks, and for annoying the locals with their picture-taking practices. But they do bring in large amounts of money to the countries that welcome them. Being accommodating to tourists can make or break your tourism industry.  How friendly is your country?

Driving Orientation Map

Image Credit:

Is it normal to drive on the left side of the road, or the right? That totally depends on the country in which you reside. Going on a road trip in a country that drives on the other side of the road can be a bold and even dangerous move. Take a look at this map before you choose the next country for your road trip.

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Attractive People of Europe Map

Photo Credit: 

Would you change your European vacation plans if you had a map that revealed the most attractive people in Europe? Although attractiveness can be subjective, check out this map that ranks the attractiveness of Spaniards, Germans, Italians, and others. It may convince you to make a quick stop in Sweden on your next vacation.

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Most Popular Sports in the World

Image Credit: 

With the 2014 World Cup just around the corner, it seems like soccer is currently the favorite sport of the world.  Have a look at this map of the most popular sport in each country and it just might surprise you.

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Awesome Public Domain Map: Nature is Calling

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you are well aware of the adventures that are waiting within the borders of our National Parks.  Maybe you want to see a the tallest redwood trees on earth? Or you want to see a geyser that shoots water over 100 feet in the air? The magnificent beauty of nature greatly surpasses the beauty of anything man made, so why not get out and enjoy it?

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The National Park Service provides this public domain map of the National Park trails in the United States. It clearly marks the trails that have been administered by the National Park Service for your enjoyment. Just download this free map and you’ll be able to plan out your next outdoor vacation and find the trails and National Parks that you never knew existed.

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Whether you want to see the red and orange light of the sunset cast shadows on the walls of the Grand Canyon or admire the colossal mountains that were carved by glaciers in the past, you should take advantage of what this country has to offer. So get out there! Nature is calling.

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We love awesome maps! Do you know of any that you think we should feature? We would be delighted to hear from you. Send your submissions here.

Awesome Map: You Say “Tomato” and I Say “Tomahto”

What is the proper way to pronounce “Caramel”? If you live west of the Ohio River, you may say “car-ml” and totally disregard the vowels while pronouncing it. If you live east of the river, you may say “carra-mel”. People often joke about the laid-back West Coasters and the friendliness associated with Southern hospitality, but could the cultural divide be deeper than that? When spending time outside of your geographic area, it becomes painfully obvious that the pronunciation of the English language is different all over the country. With travel becoming so prevalent, simple words like caramel, crayon, and pajamas are becoming a spark for debate between Americans.

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Business Insider recently published a collection of maps that illustrate the different pronunciations and word usage that Americans use across the country. These maps were created by Joshua Katz, based on a nationwide linguistics survey done by Professor Bert Vaux and Scott Golder of North Carolina State University. They effortlessly show regional differences of pronunciation through changing hues of red, blue and green.

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It is fascinating to scroll though these maps and compare your geographical location to your pronunciation of words. It seems that North, East, South and West are not the only things dividing our country. So you may say “carra-mel” and he may say ‘car-ml”, but in the end it is still a deliciously sticky treat.

Photo credit: Joshua Katz, NC State University

We love awesome maps! Do you know of any that you think we should feature? We would be delighted to hear from you. Send your submissions here.

Awesome Map Monday: A Blustery Map

Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.

What is it? Wind, of course! You may remember this tricky riddle that J.R.R. Tolkien included in a memorable scene in his novel, The Hobbit. Wind has fascinated humans for centuries. It’s not just the invisible thing that creates bad hair days and carries away your newspaper; it actually controls weather patterns. Have you ever wondered where it comes from?

All Things Lovely recently featured this wind map, by Point B. Studio, that depicts the wind patterns in the United States in real time, as well as wind speed. Take a look and you’ll see where the wind has traveled to arrive to you.

We love awesome maps! Do you know of any that you think we should feature? We would be delighted to hear from you. Send your submissions here.


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Adding US Maps to your Educational Environment

If you are an educator, adding US maps to your classrooms and hallways can enrich the Maps101 Branded United States Mapeducational experience for your students at any age. If you teach at the preschool or kindergarten level, you can expose your children to geography early on by simply presenting them with coloring books of US maps and surrounding them with US maps on the walls of your classroom. This will supplement basic learning standards with information about the United States they will utilize in the near future when they enter elementary school. Continue reading