Interior Decorating: If Your Walls Could Talk

Every person has a story that deserves to be told. Why not bring your story to life with a wall map? The only obstacle is that a mountain of maps is required to tell a lifetime of stories. How about positioning all of those beautiful maps on your wall as wallpaper? Tell the story of your favorite family vacation. Tell the story of your honeymoon trip. Tell the story of your semester studying abroad in college. It sounds like a great alternative to that floral wallpaper that you’ve been meaning to tear down.

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The inspired room has written some helpful tips for putting map wallpaper in your home. This unique and beautiful map design will brighten up any hallway. So forget about that standard white paint because now you can tell a story with your wallpaper.

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Do you have a story that is dying to be told?  Let your walls tell it.

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Photos via: the inspired room 

Map Crafts: Add a Touch of Class to Your Walls

Empty wall space can put a damper on any room. Overpriced wall decorations can lead to the use of old college dorm posters to fill the space. Whether you want to add a touch of class to your walls or give the impression that you are a world traveler, a map is the perfect addition to any room.

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Creative Juices has laid out a step-by-step tutorial to create one of these beautiful wall pieces. Instead of breaking the bank to frame a map, follow these simple steps and put a world map on a canvas. This DIY map decoration will have your friends clamoring to ask you where you bought it. You could easily convince them that you picked it up at Pottery Barn. They’ll never know that you spent a fraction of what they’ll pay when they rush to buy it.

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Replace that ’80s band poster with a beautiful map. We promise that Metallica will forgive you. Do you have a lonely wall that’s begging for a map?

Photos Via: Creative Juices

World Maps for Sale

Although many people do not use maps for road trips anymore, many people still enjoy looking at maps of different places around the world. World maps are also a great learning tool for the classroom as all students may not have access to the internet at all times. For anyone wanting to purchase one of these maps, has many world maps for sale in practically every form of map imaginable. For instance, some people may not want a specific map of a country but a map that displays all countries of the world. will have these world maps for sale as well as maps that are country specific.

Century Maps has world maps for sale that are contemporary as well as antiquated. A great map for the classroom may be one that illustrates boundaries of countries in ancient times. Students can become actively engaged by comparing the boundaries of ancient Rome with their country boundaries of the present. This type of map will give both students and teachers alike hours of engaging visual learning.

Century Maps
Digital Maps also has digital world maps for sale. These maps can be used for those who want to print brochures, charts, and reports as well as feature a world map on his or her website. These are great for a business specializing in world travel and give the brochure or website a professional look and appeal.

GlobesAntique Mini Globe has world maps for sale in the form of traditional globes as well. Globes were once a staple in the classroom although they have generally been replaced with internet access. However, a globe can add style to any classroom, office, or board room giving everyone a sense of global inclusion. Globes can be a great decorative piece for the office as well.

Specialized Maps
There are other world maps for sale at that are specialized. For instance, a great map for a boardroom may be one of the world maps that display time zones. This can be a great reference tool and be utilized even faster than a smart phone by simply looking up at the world time zone map without the typing and searching.

Where to Buy Large Maps?

Maps have become something of a trend in decorating circles. Unlike other works of art, large maps aren’t just there for aesthetic effect. They can inform and educate anyone who views them. They can also serve as a form of inspiration and motivation. Why wouldn’t you consider putting a large or even gigantic map on one of the walls in your home? Wall Maps

The question, then, is where to find or buy such a map.

You want to look for a reputable dealer who has been in business for years and who specializes in what you are looking for. This means narrowing down what type of map you want and then finding someone who can provide a map from their existing inventory or even produce a one-of-a-kind custom map to your specifications.

Many people choose to place a world or country map in their home. These may be current maps that highlight a snapshot of the world as it is or they could be antique maps that focus on a specific moment in history. Antique maps may be hand crafted or printed originals or they may be quality reproductions. These maps are usually framed and mounted in order to protect and preserve them.

Satellite and topographical maps are becoming popular design options. They generally offer a more abstract and colorful option than traditional political maps. These maps can be obtained from specialty map stores or by having a custom map designed to feature a specific location or view of the earth. Other specialty maps that fall into this category include geological maps and climate maps.

Social science is responsible for the creation of countless maps, some of which can be great conversation starters when hanging in your home. Maps can show population demographics, economic resources, wildlife distribution, migratory data (for animals or humans) — pretty much any subject a social scientist may have thought to track has likely been plotted on a map at some point in time. These maps may be much more difficult to track down in sizes large enough to cover a wall though digital technology has made it possible for map dealers that do customized maps to enlarge existing maps much more easily than they could in the past.

You’ll want to make sure that you are dealing with an established and proven company when ordering custom or specialty maps of this scale. These maps cost hundreds of dollars and you want the assurance that the final result is going to be worth your investment.