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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Best Map Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Best Map Gift Ideas for the Holidays’s experts’ have hand-picked a range map gifts just in time for gift giving season. Find the perfect Christmas gifts, personalized gifts, gifts for kids of all ages, world wall map gifts and much more right here in the Holiday Store. Plus you can find creative stocking stuffers and ideas for neighbors, bosses and kids of all ages. If you are looking for something unique this holiday season try one of these map gift ideas.

World Globe Gifts

Globes are an excellent gift for someone who enjoys travel, geography andGlobe Giftslearning about our world.   Globes can help parents explain complex world geography, why the sun rises and sets, how the moon rotates around the earth and why we have night and day. Give the perfect gift this holiday season by giving that special someone the world, in the palm of their hands. Globe Gifts can start as low as $19.95.

Travel Map Gifts

If you have friends and relatives who enjoy traveling – whether for business orTravel Map Giftspleasure – travel maps of the world make great gifts. Travel Map and street maps start as low as $6.95, which make for an easy unique gift for that traveler you know.

Wall Map Gifts

Everyone loves a map, especially on their wall. Maps of Wall Map Giftsdestinations far and wide are a favorite décor piece for travelers, historians and geography fans. Purchase a wall map for someone this holiday. Wall maps start as low as $11 for a standard world map, but for large format products, and special format options such as laminated, framed or mounted prices can be as high as $365.

Atlas Gifts

Atlases make a stunning gift for the high school or college student, as well as aAtlas Giftkeepsake for the family library. Atlases are perfect for a coffee table, in the study or on a bedside table for late night reading. Hard cover World Atlas gifts are impressive to unwrap and soft cover Travel Atlases can be taken anywhere.  The Oxford Atlas of the World is probably the best known of these and acts as a benchmark for others to follow. Retailing at $175 this is a true luxury gift. More modestly priced educational and road atlases are also available.

Antique Wall Map Gifts

Vintage city panoramas make for great gifts for all ages. The city panoramasAntique Wall Mapsinclude original photographs reproduced from a glass slides, printed on aluminum and mounted on wood, ready for hanging. Antique maps make this holiday season a classic at $50 apiece.

Mounted and Framed Map Gifts

Mounted maps and framed map gifts are perfect for a home or office. Framed Maps prove useful for reference and planning a future voyage. Mounted & Framed Map Gifts Framed andMounted Map gifts can make for a great luxury gift for less than $200.

Santa Picks

Here is a hand-picked listed that Santa picked out, choose gifts under 25, giftsSanta's Picksunder 50, gifts under 100, executive gifts and wrapped and ready gifts. Find the perfect map gift for any budget by browsing the Santa’s Picks collection. Be sure to check out the gifts for under 25, also find unique stocking stuffers and ideas including globe key chain, ornaments, marbles, map labels and much more.

Kids Corner Gifts

If you are shopping for a kid or child, maps make great gifts for kids – plus they are educational.  Buy a geography puzzle, a geography game, a globe, or a stickerKids Corner Gifts map for your kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids. These gifts for kids are all so much fun, so give the gift of laughter and entrainment this holiday season!

Personalized Gifts

Couples love to remember those special romantic trips, families can reminisce about the round the world trip they took together, and in some cases they can even be a way to remember distant family over the holiday season.Personalized Wall Map Gifts Personalized Map Gifts are a perfect gift for any gift giving occasion.


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Santa Claus Map

It’s the time of year when many American children — and their parents — have heads full Santa's Listof thoughts of Santa Claus. It’s not just a matter of presents, which is paramount for many, but the idea of a jolly and generous being spreading cheer, goodwill, and happiness. The magic of Santa Claus isn’t just that he has flying reindeer, elves, and intuitively knows who’s been naughty and nice, it’s that he cares enough about the happiness of the children of the world to do something about it.

Once they reach a certain age, which is different for each child, kids will ask questions about Santa Claus in other countries and where he came from. Some will wonder what route he takes around the world as he tries to outrun sunrise. These are the children who would be delighted by a santa claus map that allows them to see not only the continents and countries of the world, but that gives information on how and when Santa appears in that region.

A map of Santa’s travels map should show an East to West route across the globe, making allowances for those countries in which Santa, under different names and guises, delivers presents on nights other than Christmas Eve. Children in some countries receive gifts as early as December 6th, which gives Santa time to spread out his travels — a fact that relieves many a concerned little one. Realizing that Santa has many different names and appearances can help kids feel a connection to other cultures and languages and let them see that even in the midst of strong differences, they still have something in common with kids in other parts of the world.

The Santa Travel Map

Santa Map

Older children will be intrigued by the evolution of Santa Claus over the centuries. How the Saint Nicholas of Myra from the 4th century to Sinterkalaas to the modern day Santa Claus in a red suit, seeing what has changed and what has remained the same will help kids begin to grasp the importance of religion, culture, and even literature throughout world history. His appearance, clothing, and the gifts he brings teach lessons about the how geography and climate differ from country to country. A specialized map like this can easily become an educational tool as well as a bonding and entertaining touchstone for families.

Gift Ideas for Map Lovers

For those who haven’t started on their holiday shopping, the pressure may be mounting. There are only a few weeks left to secure just the right present for every person on the list and the desire to find something that each person not only needs, but will love and treasure is quite a lofty goal. Luckily there are a wide range of map gifts available that can suit the imagination and sense of adventure of just about anyone.

Holiday Gifts Holiday Gifts

While function is an important part of any map, most also come with a less tangible appeal. The idea of travel and exploration is contained in just about any map — and maps lovingly presented as gifts will carry with them the intent of discover and wonder that make them irresistible not just to children, but to adults of all ages and interests.

For kids there’s nothing like getting their first globe. The idea of holding the entire world in their hands and being able to spin it is magical. Likewise a picture atlas that shows different cultures, climates, and geographical features of the world can fill hours of time while subtly teaching a child. Older children can tackle puzzle maps of states, continents and countries or play world geography games with their family and friends.

Some adults will value the function of maps. Those that travel a lot for work or pleasure will enjoy a quality road atlas or collection of travel maps. They may have many uses for mapping software or a world atlas on DVD. Others will be thrilled to receive an antique framed map or reproduction of a historical map to remind them of their favorite era in history . Executive globes will look wonderful in a home office or study as will a beautifully mounted and framed modern map of the world or specific country or continent.

Persoanlized Gifts Persoanlized Gifts

A recent trend in map gifts is the personalized map. If ordered in time, it is possible to get a map with a personalized title or a puzzle map of a hometown with a specific home at the center. Imagine “The World According to the Smiths” framed and hanging on the wall of a dear friend’s living room or the hours of enjoyment a family can share together putting together a satellite or political map that shows their home as the center of the world. These are the kinds of gifts that people never forget.