in action showing maps and cartography to local students.

This article is from our ‘In Carto’ Blog. Santa Barbara’s Monte Vista Elementary School’s Science night was a great opportunity for one of our cartographers to speak to kids about cartography and maps and show them how it can be relevant to their everyday lives.

Also on display was Maps101, one of divisions, an online subscription service for K-12 schools with the purpose of supplementing and complimenting traditional history, social studies and geography curriculum materials. At Science night, Maps101 received a thumbs up from all of the parents, teachers and most importantly the geographers, scientists and historians of tomorrow.

By Eric Wilder, Cartographer,

“Last week marked an exciting time for, as it was the culmination of the¬†critically acclaimed Monte Vista Elementary School Science Night.

Global Appeal

Global Appeal

For many K-6 graders in Santa Barbara, Science Night is one of the most anticipated days of the year; Monte Vista Elementary School hosts dozens of local scientists from a wide variety of disciplines who enthusiastically share their profession with young minds of tomorrow. The evening gives students the opportunity to touch a human brain, hold a python, experience static electricity, and as of 2012, learn about MAPS!!!

As a past student of Monte Vista who vividly remembers the thrills of Science Night, I was ecstatic to see things come full circle and return 15 years later as a cartographer. Teamed up with my partner in crime, Maps101 Customer Account Specialist, Terry (also a proud Monte Vista graduate!), we prepared a presentation that we hoped would engage students and get them interested in maps.

Global Appeal

Global Appeal

Despite the fact that the cartography exhibit was placed right next to the reptile exhibit – tough competition to say the least – it is safe to say that the kiddos were enthralled to learn about maps. Crowded around the big maps we brought with us, Monte Vista students were quickly able to spot their school’s location on a map, identify ways that the Santa Barbara area has changed in the past century using our Santa Barbara Antique Wall Map, find their California mission on our Maps 101 missions map, and discover the uses of imagery in mapmaking. You would be shocked to learn how many first, second, and third grade students have used Google Maps before!!

Science Night

No, THIS is longitude, Mr.

Seeing that I once had a cartographer visit my classroom in fifth grade, we at understand the value of introducing the science of cartography to our society’s next generation of geographers. After a very fun evening complete with prize giveaways and contests, it is without doubt that the future looks bright for the cartographers of tomorrow!”